Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 145
Hair/Eyes: Brown
Wigs: brown, blond, black, grey

Gigi is also available for special projects

SAG Eligible
AFTRA Honorary Withdrawal

My IMBd page

San Francisco, California
(415) 673-2228


COME BACK, PUPPY, COME BACK (Feature) Rosemary - Lead Keith Varady, Director
SCABBO (Feature) Linda - Co-lead Keith Varady, Director
AS THE CLOUDS ROLL BY (Feature) Jessica - Principal Michelle Wang, Director
THE PATIENT (Feature) Joyce, the Landlady - Principal Edward Lau, Director
BIRDEMIC (Feature) Cameo James Nguyen, Director
IN SEARCH OF LOVECRAFT (Feature) Martha Whitmore - Cameo David J. Hohl, Director
SAN FRANPSYCHO (Feature) Barbara Franco -Principal Ed & Jose Quiroz, Directors
TROUBADOUR (Feature) Carol - Principal Dan Albracht, Director
THE STRANGE CASE OF CARL WEBER (Feature) Barbara - Principal Nick Tucker, Director
NAKED BENEATH THE WATER (Feature) Sharon Sharalike - Principal Sean Cain, Director
HOLLY VS. HOLLYWOOD (Feature) Gail - Principal Jeffrey Scott Johnson, Director
INDIE (Feature) Dr. Coleman - Principal Judy Garland Piersol, Director
LOSERS (Feature) - really really BEWARE! Emily - Principal Jeremy Tarr, Director
NOT FAMOUS YET (Feature) Brenda Seville - Featured Joe Sullivan, Director
MOD FUCK EXPLOSION (Feature) Mum - Principal Jon Moritsugu, Director
LINES (Feature) Gazing Woman - Cameo Anonymous, Director
PRISONER OF TIME (Feature) Roseana - Cameo Mark Levinson, Director
SF WALK (Feature) Maria - Bocca Baller - Cameo Steve Liu, Director
ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY projects (shorts) Various roles Various student directors
MORNING DARK (short) 6:50 - 7:12 Jessi the Shop - Cameo Daniel Reed, Director - 48 Hour Film Project
MIDDAY SERENADE (short) Karen - Lead Joe Masiano, Director - 48 Hour Film Project
CATERPILLER TABOLID FICTION (short) Miriam - Featured Camille June Gregoire, Director
GIFT OF PEACE (short) Janice - Co-lead Ronald Sebilo-Tibbits, Director


Dorine - Principal Victor Solomon - Director
SHE WAS 27 (short) Nancy - Principal Phil Mayall, Dirctor - 48 Hour Film Project
SQUARE EGG IN A ROUND WORLD (short) Maggie Logan - Principal Phil Mayall, Director - 48 Hour Film Project
SECOND CHANCE (short) Ginnie - Co-Lead Suet Lai, Director
DOWNSIZING (short) Trixie - Featured Ken Martini, Director
AFTER FRANK (short) Shirley Twiddle - Lead Jessica Cashmiere, Director
GOING SOUTH (short) Holly Schrader - Co-Lead Nikhal Prakash, Director
PARADOX: NOBODY (short) Georgia - Principal Roman Scott, Director
SQUEEKY'S REVENGE (Short) Mob Boss Lady - Featured Jon Bastian, Director
CONFESSIONS OF A TELECOMMUTER (short) Carol - Principal Ken Furer / Oren Kaplan, Directors
Sandy - Principal Isaiah Saxon, Director
THE WEIRD SISTERS (short) Second Witch - Co-Lead Nadia Sokolov-Dayan, Director
UNUSUAL JOURNEY (short) Mrs. O'Keefe - Cameo Prav Potu, Director
BLOODLUST (short) Mrs. Harrison - Principal George S. Rosenthal, Director
GROUCHO: THE MOVIE (short) Dr. Judith Spence - Principal Michael La Rocco, Director
COULD HAVE BEEN UTAH (short) Mom - Principal Frazer Bradshaw, Director
ATTACK OF THE JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES (short) Mrs. Clever - Principal Mike Brady & John Topping, Dir's
LE MORT DE REALITE (short) Mother - Cameo Michel Francois, Director
DO YOU TAKE THIS MAN (short) Wedding Guest Pamela Busch, Director
BETWEEN TWO (short) Lead Judith Plank, Director
A CASE OF SIN (short) Auctioneer - Lead Jeffery Crane, Director
BUST A SHALOM (short) Barbara - Lead Ashley Senter, Director
THE GAP (short) Holly - Lead Davi Snively, Director
UNREQUITED (short) Rose - Principal

Judy Garland Piersol, Director

DART BANDITO (Short) Maureen Callaham - Principal Jonahtan Spielberg, Director
ALONG THE EAST RIVER (short) Ellie - Co-Lead Martin Cohen, Director
SHAFT DE DEUX (2-person short) Wife - Co-Lead John Topping, Director
RENE AND GEORGETTE (short) Georgette - Co-Lead Kyle Solorio, Director
FIRST DATE (short) Madwoman/Begger - Cameos John Topping, Director
VANISHING LINE (short) Goddess - Featured Maren Monsen, Director
THE FIRST TIME (short) Mom - Principal Lisa Walton, Director

Television & Internet

I (ALMOST) GOT AWAY WITH IT (Gasca episode) Gasca's Mother - Principal Ted Leonard, Dir., Indigo Films, IDiscovery Channel
CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS Seen on BBN3 , Daily Motion, Vimeo,

YouTube, SF Film & Arts, Medium Rare, etc.

EXTREME FORENSICS - A Shot in the Dark Mary Cox - Principal Michael Hoff Prod's - Investigation Discovery
THE PLOT TO KILL REAGAN (1 hr. special) Mrs. Jo Ann Hinckley - Principal Indigo Films for the History Channel
INJURIES CAN HAPPEN (periodicals/Internet) Gardener Mel Lindstrom, photog., for UC Med Center
PROTECT THE HUMAN (PSA for Amnesty Int'l) Several Characters Citizen Group, Producer
MAD ABOUT THE BOY (music video - Ava Leigh) Bartender Vincent Haycock, Director
FOKKE NEWS (animated thriller/satire) Several voices Peter Menchini, writer/producer
TRUE CREDIT FLASH GAME (videogame) Too Much Info Woman 8 Speed Multimedia
VMAIL TALK (Internet commercial) Wife - Co-Lead Talkway Communication, Fremont
LONG TERM CARE ASSOC. (commer.) Testimonial spokesperson FVS Media, S.F.
MOVIE CLOSE UP (live call in show) Host/Producer ComcastCable - 29, S.F. downstreamed
SCANNER (PSA - Network syndication) Lead - Scanner SF Dept Solid Waste Mgmt, Ron Gross,
BELOW SAN FRANCISCO (talk show) Host/Producer chanz.tv/dovetailtv.com KCNS-38, S.F.
MIDNIGHT CALLER (#56 The Lonliest Number) Ora Lee Midnight Caller Productions
VIDEOWEST (magazine show) Performer/VO/Interviewer Syndicated nationally
WORLD BUSINESS EXCHANGE (infom.) Host/Interviewer Royal Kent Productions
SHARPER IMAGE LIVING CATALOGUE Infomercial Spokesperson In-House, syndicated nationally
WOODY (2-person comedy) Leanne - Co-Lead Viacom-35, S.F.


DEALING WITH DEMENTIA (Instructional) Women (w & w/o dementia) Principal Shipra Shukla, Director for UCSF Med Center
THE UNIT (Nintendo) Businesswoman - Principal Charles Rudnick, Director
MINI-MOVIE-MAKER (Instructional) Narrator Nolan Bushnell, Producer
DR. FARALLONíS FUNNIEST BLOOPERS Lead Ken Alan Farallon Software, Dir/Pro
A NETOPIAN WORLD Linda - Principal Ken Alan Farallon Software, Dir/Pro
CAPTAIN MATHUSE - MATH MISSION (Instructional) Dr. Frank - Principal

Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, Prod.


Q-Fabric Innovative Technology Product Businesswoman for Wall Street Journal
INJURIES CAN HAPPEN (Ad - Internet, Chronicle) Gardner

Mel Lindstrom, Photog., for UCSF

Voice / Voice Over

MEDIUM RARE, movie reviews, interviews and discussion, KALW FM, San Francisco and Internet
Click on underlined titlea to hear commercial
SHUTTERFLY.COM, Agency.Com Productions
ARCHIERO WINERY , Media3 Productions
CANTERBURY HOTEL , Media3 Productions
LIGHTHOUSE HOTEL , Media3 Productions
ROTO ROOTER ,"Noises" Radioactive Productions

I am Devine (Documentary - for footage taken from my interview with Devine)
Squirt (Short)


A.C.T. Advanced Acting, Scene Study, Vocal Production
E.E. Gregg Snazelle Television Commercial Workshop
Stella Adler Acting Seminar
Stanley Brock Comedy/Commercial Workshop
Hunter College, C.U.N.Y. B.A. in Drama

Special Skills

Accents: Irish, English, American Southern, Long Island, Russian, French, German, Yiddish, Scottish.

Languages: some Spanish, French, Swedish.

Interests: Film reviewer for Examiner.com, written for "Nose" magazine, "S.F. Independent", MediumRaretv.org; motorcycling; sailing (trans-Atlantic, Caribbean, Mediterranean); horseback riding; lumberjacking (powersaw); fostering dogs.

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