After Frank
Written and directed by Jessica Cashmiere


Jessica has written a feature length film about a woman of strong and not always popular opinions, always an outsider in her community, dealing with widow-hood. One morning, Stella Radley, played by Yvelyn Alexander, finds her husband dead.

Director Jessica Cashmiere checks out a shot
on the Arri Super 16

I and my husband, played by Andre Mathieu,
approach our new neighbor's house.

Jessica decided to shoot a short scene from this film to use as a marketing tool, an intro, and just to see how her vision looked on film. I was very fortunate that I, Bonnie Steiger, was cast to play, not the main character, but the nosy, gossipy, narrow minded woman who did most of the talking in that scene. That my character wears a shirt with a picture of Jesus and the phase "Who's the boss," is no accident. That my husband and I are color coordinated is also deliberate.

My excuse for checking out the new neighbor is to welcome her. With husband in tow, a gift and an invitation to join my weekly crafts gathering, I storm forth. I'm a control freak of neighborhood dimensions.

The crew, made up of:
Markus Ubungen - Director of Photography
Colin Price - First Assistant Camera
Jessica Faulkner - Assistant Director and Photographer
Brandon McFarland - Sound Recording & Editor
Shea Roberts - Sound Boom Operator
let out all the stops. Here, they practice a tracking shot.

Brandon said the flag
was a sound consideration

Shea and Brandon sure looked like
they knew what they were doing.

Jessica (Faulkner) kept
everything flowing smoothly.
Here we are, the Twiddle's, approaching our new neighbor...

Mary, played by Kari Wishingrad.

Just making sure Markus has me in focus.

Okay, I admit it. I really screwed up this scene repeatedly
by saying "We're the Tweedles" instead of Twiddles.
Why? I'll never know. But everyone's patience was saintly.

My favorite view -- a camera looking right at me.
That's disgusting, but as they say in acting class:
"The camera is your friend."

Okay, here's the real star of the film, Stella Radley, played by Yvelyn Alexander. She patiently waited most
of the day for her drive by scene. Her scene of finding her husband dead that
morning was shot previously.

Waiting in the wings (in this case, street) from
l to r, Carol Koffel who graciously donated her car for the scene, Yvelyn Alexander,
Kari Wishingrad, Andre Mathieu.
Time was taken to meticulously set up each shot and I'm sure it will show in the final product.

The Deux Chevaux also patiently awaits its shot. I fell in love with this very low cost, 2 horse power Citreon years ago in Europe. It meets no safety standards and is illegal in this country ... after a certain date. This little beauty got here before it was outlawed.

While my characater engages Mary in forced conversation, we all notice Stella Radley leave her house and drive past us in her classic Deux Chevaux. Mary looks on with interest and curiosity. How could one not at such a car? My character shows disdain and downright animosity.

It was a glorious day in the suburbs, really. I hope someday Jessica directs her full script. Though I only read the two scenes which were shot, they looked fascinating and poignant. And Jessica did a great job.