Square Egg
in a Round World

Directed by Phil Mayall
Written by Phil Mayall & Gunnar Rosenquist
Cast: Gunnar Rosenquist, Frederick Johnson, Bonnie Steiger, Star Ridgell & Filbert Chestnut

Played the the Embarcadero Theatre, Tuesday, June 26, 2007.


I'm checking the fridge before I go on my trip.
I always wanted to work in a film competing in the 48 Hour Film Project. So I jumped at the first audition notice I found. I was very lucky to have hooked up with Phil Mayall; it was fun, exciting, all good. Of course, as usual, I offered my apartment as a location. If I'm home during those long waiting periods between shots, I'm much more comfortable and happy. Oh yea, and it's a generous thing to do. Well, producer Rachel Steinberg and DP Kat Touscher dropped by and loved the place - the kitchen, the roof, the garbage area. And all were used as backdrops for shots.

Happily waiting in the comfort of my office
till I'm needed.
If you don't already know, here's how it works. Representatives from each filmmaking team meet at an assigned location Friday,7 pm. There, they get the theme (like buddy movie, romance, comedy, horror, etc.), the name of one of the characters, a prop, and a sentence of dialogue that must be used in the film. Phil got Road Movie. I wasn't too happy because that meant we had to leave the womb-like comfort of my apartment and I might have to drive something other than my 250 cc Nighthawk. The character name was Chef Mayo or Maggie Logan, which was assigned to me. The prop was a jar of coins. The sentence was "Call me back when you know something." The film has to be tured in Sunday, 7 pm.

Close up, please.

I fill the carton with the cooking
necessities and off I go. Did I forget anything? Producer Rachel and Director Phil (booming)

And they're off! Phil and Gunnar came over to my place Friday after the meeting and started writing. I made a pot of drip Espresso and left them to their creative task. I went to sleep, feeling no guilt whatsoever. At 1:30 I peeked outside my bedroom. Gunnar was gone. Phil handed me the first draft and was on the phone arranging for the morning shoot.

The plot: Maggie is going to Lompoc to a fried egg sandwich competition. She hurriedly throws some stuff into a carton and heads off to her RV. RV, indeed!

As an aside, the title of the film is based on a little kitchen aid I showed Phil. It makes cubed hard boiled eggs (actually not square. Oh, the irony). He loved it. I made an egg and the first shot of the film is my slicing said egg. Even the yolk turns out cubed.

My nephew, the drug dealer,
and his supplier meet on the rooftop.

My niece and I in front of my RV.
Shortly after I leave, my nephew Darren, played by Frederick Johnson, drops by to pick up the stash he hides in my place, unbeknownst to me. I took it, mistaking it for my sugar jar. He's in big trouble. Vance, played by Gunnar Rosenquist, wants his drugs back or the money Darren would have gotten from selling them. Darren calls his mother to ask where Aunt Maggie is. She doesn't know. He says into the phone, "Let me know if you hear anything." He spies the flyer for the Fried Egg Sandwich Competition on my refrigerator and off he goes in hot pursuit! I created it myself on my computer - another contribution to the film..

Phil discusses shot with Kat on location in the
Junipero Serra rest stop parking lot on H/W 280.

Nephew played by Frederick Johnson and niece
played by Star Ridgell wait patiently for next direction.

There are some chase scenes on the roof. There's some low speed pursuit on the road. I find my hung-over niece sleeping in my RV and we discuss life, the universe and everything, including Fried Egg Sandwich Competitions. There's a jar of coins on the dashboard of the RV for tolls. I barrel down small streets in my 32' Komfort Motor Home. (Phil would whisper off camera, "Move left; you're going to take off the sides of the parked cars." The brakes were so bad, I had to stand on the pedal to slow down! )

First time my character realizes she never changed
out of her PJs; stunned! Is this the first sign of dementia?

The terror, the elation - singing "On The Road Again"
and hoping no other cars cramp me on the 2 lane roads I traverse.

FLAKES: A few days before the competition, we all met to discuss the project, familiarize ourselves with each other. and the actors did some short scenes. Julie Day and I worked out a little bit and it was fun. On the morning of the shoot, Julie left a phone message with the producer that she was off to Hollister doing something else and hoped we all had a good time! Though Rachel called her several times, Julie would not answer her cell phone.

Fortunately, Phil's son's girlfriend, Star Ridgell, made a wonderful Patty, the keg standing niece along for the ride.

The day of the edit, Mitchell Covington, composer who agreed to supply the music, never showed.

Just wanted you all to know.

Star talking to me in the trailer.

The actual over-the-shoulder shot while I talk with Star.
My wig is a bit high so I can re-adjust during our conversion.
That should be a surprise.

I take back my box of kitchen stuff, bid farewell to
Phil, Kat and Frederick (l to r) and go home to work on my website.

And the wonderful crew who made it all happen:

Phil Mayall - director
Rachel Steinberg - producer
Kat Touscher - director of photography
Jesse Kerman - editor
Eve Harmon - still photographer
Sarah Aird - .location scout and lawyer
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