Birdemic: Shock and Terror
Auteur: James Nguyen

Bonnie Steiger as horrified
and memorable featured extra.

James Nguyen & me, Bonnie Steiger

I, Bonnie Steiger, have a very informative page regarding the production, Birdemic: Shock and Terror. You can go to: Birdemic Warning on to get a bit more back story on the film.

Finished in 2008, Severin Films picked up distribution for Birdemic: Shock and Horror in 2010. On the linked opening page to the Severin site, displayed are rotating photos of their film titles. I'm in the center of the one for Birdemic. Only having been an extra for one day, what an unexpected and very cool surprise.

There are several sites that have discussed this film and filmmaker. This is the kind of controversy that makes for an intriguing and fascinating documentary, and Severin Films is producing such a film about Nguyen himself. If you want a hearty laugh and more background in the misadvertures of Nguyen, check out:

Lazlo's Closet

Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch
That's me on the right getting pissed on by CG eagles.

Bloody Disgusting

Topless Robots

Severin Films - Birden of Dreams

YouTube James at Sundance 2009

Lazlo's Closet pokes fun with potential Birdemic sequel posters

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