written and directed by Dan Albracht

Bonnie Steiger happy before the camera

Troubadour is a production of Independent Image Entertainment out of Oakland, California. This is a group of producers, directors and crew who write, produce, edit and distribute films to appropriate markets. Troubadour, a feature, is intended for the family market. Also on hand was producer James Duval, DP Richard Connamacher and Audio Technician Tyler Ross.

Writer-Director Dan Albracht, left, discussing
a shot with Producer Danny Torres, right.

A typical disfunctional breakfast at the Bearden home.

I again play Mom, Carol Bearden. My husband died only a couple of years before this episode in the lives of the Bearden family, consisting of Mom, her son Calvin, adopted son Donny and father-in-law James. The crux of the film is the problem of Calvin's not being able to cope with his father's death, his feelings of failure and his resulting alcohol problem. Carol asks her father-in law to lend a hand and some sage advice in dealing with the problem. James calls in a close friend of his son's, Fortius, to step in and mentor Calvin. Thus goes the story of Troubadour.

Around the dinner table: I'm at 9 o'clock, Gramps - David Guilmette at noon, son Donny - Solomon Stuart at 3 pm, and the back of problem son Calvin - Scott Hayman at 6 pm.

Gramps, me and Donny in a happy moment.

From behind the camera

Crew intent on finding the best possible
angle for Calvin's hangover barf.

In this scene, Calvin comes home pretty cheerful after some playful philosophical
antics with Fortius involving silly hats

The pleasant moment is short lived:
Calvin gets a call from drinking buddy Morgan, and leaves for more debauchery.

I take a moment with Dan to look at
the video assisted shot. Solomon mugs
the still camera.

I wake up in the middle of the night to find my sons rough-housing. Donny had snuck downstairs to watch TV and Calvin came home from a date. Calvin's got a girlfriend. Maybe she can put him back on the right track. But no, there is trouble ahead for his romance ... or it wouldn't be a movie. Well, at least in this photographic moment he is happy and I am hopeful.

Check out my oreos in clouds pajamas. What sweet dreams.

Calvin is dumped by his girlfriend and he is later
dumped by his drinking friend on the lawn after
he has soaked his sorrow in beer.

Oh, a mother's anguish! Calvin drunk on the lawn ...
again. This time I take his keys and make him sleep
on the lawn. But I do leave him the blanket.