Not Famous Yet
Directed by Joe Sullivan

Joe Sullivan, Jeffrey M. Anderson and Martin Azevedo decided to make a rock and roll movie. Two guys, Martin and Jeffrey, start a band because they want to be famous.

Joe also plays a filmmaker with a grant who uses the band as his subject, hoping they will rise from obscurity to fame -- or his doc is going to be a waste of time.

As luck would have it (good or bad), Marty and Jeff get on a radio show and say something as stupid as John Lennon saying the Beatles are more popular than Jesus. They say their band is more popular than Kurt Cobain.

The crew assembles on Clement Street for my scene.

The protesters really looked much more violent during the take.

Well, all hell breaks loose. People start calling in during the radio show to say they hate the band and will come to their show to throw tomatoes at them. Their CDs fly off the shelves, bought by anti-fans so they can burn them. Demonstrations take place in front of video stores protesting the band.

And there I am, a TV reporter covering the violent demonstrations.


Jeff has since become a movie reviewer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Perhaps a good move since his drumming in the movie was not up to Keith Moon's standards. Music was written by Martin Azevedo.

I should really ask if the tape is available for rental or purchase anywhere. If I find out, I'll let you know.

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