As the Clouds Roll By
Writer, director, lead - Michelle Wang

Producer - Sean McCarthy

Michelle wrote a screenplay about her experiences with a concussion, and the romantic, financial, and, psychological problems that ensue.

I, Bonnie Steiger, play the mother of her boyfriend, Mark. My character's name is Jessica, besides "Mark's Mom."

Mark (Eric Callero) and Mary (Michelle's character) were dating for a few months prior to a car accident which was not Mark's fault. Mary suffered a concussion. Mark was fine.

Mary can't stay in the hospital anymore even though she really isn't capable of taking care of herself. Mark asks me and his father, played by Larry Laverty, if she can stay with us.

Getting ready for shots of barbecue
and Dad's argument with Mark.

Larry and Eric are my husband and son, respectively.

I am back in there, getting ready for my scene with Mary. Night was drawing neigh ergo the bad lighting.

We have a barbeque, invite Mark's friends, and have Mark pick up Mary from the hospital. I have a talk with Mary, and am very concerned since she really doesn't make much sense. How brain damaged is she and will she recover?

I convince Mark that Mary must get long term care elsewhere. She is still legally married, she is brain damaged and we can't take on that responsibility, she may never be the same woman he fell in love with. And I don't bring up that she is a different race with different cultural background and she is older than him. A politically correct yet devious mother.

On the stairway, I stop him and make him face the truth.


Another view of the shot sans Mark.

Mary thought she and I got along pretty well during our barbeque conversation, and, therefore, felt doubly betrayed when she found out Mark, his father and I deserted her and flew to New York, expecting her to go back to her estranged husband in L.A. In her damaged, deranged and furious mind, she kills all of us.

This was very exciting for me: my first death scene. I was extremely intimidated when I saw Larry, playing my husband, get shot first. He had his blood squib planted on his shoulder and when it went off, he immediately twisted to his wound, flinging himself with great speed and force onto the ground. A couple of other barbeque guests also died with panache and alacrity. I asked if I could die slowly. Michelle allowed me to try it. The squib exploded in my belly, I looked stunned and terrified as I imploded and crumbled to the ground. They liked it!What a relief. Then they did a shot from my being on my knees to death flat on the ground. I envisioned Janet Leigh from Psycho, dead eyes staring into the abyss. unfortunately, almost all of this tragic death eluded the camera.
Night in the backyard.
I am ready for my "shot".

Taking a bow for my death: obviously a shot in the belly.

And my final swan song.

And the evil, demented Mary
who done it!
The beautiful home in Brookdale used for the barbeque
Sure, there were a lot of scenes with Mary and Mark, her various doctors, her psychiatrist, her husband, and her many dark fantasies. But I wasn't there and I couldn't tell you about them. You'll have to see the movie.

Eric Chen - shooting on the fly

Michelle Wang in her role as director.

Anthony Marks - Assistant Director

Again, if it weren't for my little camera, I would have nothing to show from the experience. Production photographer, Veanne Cao, insisted it was unnecessary for her to take photos with my camera as well as hers (so I could be assured to have them) because all her photos would be posted on a web site, and all crew and cast would be given a password so we could access the photos. I was never notified by anyone associated with the production of a website. Thus far, I have only gotten still from two productions in my long career. Actors take note.

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