Protect the Human
Video directed by Steve Fong
Photography by Toby Burdett

Like a fool, I forgot to bring my camera, so I don't have any photos to put on this page .... yet. I and several other actors will eventually appear in the web site, a part of Amnesty International. This is a promotional piece or public service announcement to continue keeping the cause of human rights throughout the world on all our minds. it was produced by Citizen Group.

It shows people walking around, taking care of their daily business, but then taking part in a protest to help protect human rights.



I brought a few changes of clothes and a couple of wigs, besides my freshly coiffed do. So, I was used several times. Look for brown haired me walking through an airport and talking on my cell phone. I also had black bobbed do with severe bangs and walked about somewhere. Can't say for sure where I'll be in the final edit since it was all shot with green screens at 4th Street Studios.

Then there was angry blond bobbed me protesting violations of human rights in stills shot in South Park just a couple of blocks away from the studio.

I'll regularly stop by at and and check on when starts up. I was told sometime in late July, 2008. When I see some stuff, I'll let you all know and try to download something here.

Till then, keep the candle burning for human rights through Amnesty International.