She Was 27
Directed by Phil Mayall
for the 48 Hour Film Project

Showed at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco on Monday, July 28, 2008

One unhappy mother. But one happy actress
to be working with Phil for another 48 Hours

I had such a wonderful time doing the 2007 48 Hour Film Project with director Phil Mayall and cast and crew, making "Square Egg in a Round World," that I did it again in 2008.

Our genre was Historic Fiction and Phil and his co-writers (listed below) developed an idea first suggested by actress Ann Beckett. It was the last days of Janis Joplin -- drugs, music and the flowerful power of love. Sure, it was another drug related theme like last year's, but that topic hasn’t been exhausted. Janis (Ann Beckett) is in various degrees of stonedness throughout, singing and carousing. Her boyfriend (Jeff Crispi) wants her to quit; her manager/dealer (Bruce Goodchild) wants to keep her singing and will give her whatever it takes. I play her mother who comes for a visit from Texas and is shocked, dismayed and crushed by what I see.

Keep in mind, this page is only for my part in the film. I can't keep track of everybody. But there was a lot more going on. You should check out the 48 Hour Film Project.

I've come from Texas to visit my rock 'n roll star daughter, Pearl. I enter a scene of debauchery and
am stunned, but try to accept. I'm on the stairs.

A little more light in this shot. My stills shooter was pretty far away so the flash didn't reach.

The revellers hand me a bottle of beer
that only confuses me more.

Never stressed. Even though Phil only has 48 hours to complete a film,
there's always time for lunch

All the 60's Haight Ashbury
Victorian shots were done in here.

Refreshing my makeup for the next
scene is Vanessa Diaz

(sans conservative Texas middle aged wig).

I get some direction from Phil Mayall.
Anna Beckett gets into character.

I go over my lines. Precious little time
to memorize and rehears in the
48 Hour Film Project.

I approach my daughter's door.
Inside is only more shock and grief.

The parties in Pearl's life never stop.
Here's another one. My friend Bruce Goodchild,
playing dealer and manager, is center.

Phil does it again! He learned from last year's competition and made
some great changes. He had editors working as he shot.
So, shortly after production was done, post was ready for music and titles.
This script was more ambitious than last year's also.
We all hoped for a win this time around - but it eluded us again.


Phil Mayall – director
Rachel Steinberg - producer
Phil Mayall, Jeff Herzback, Anna Beckett, Larry Edelstein – co-writers
Jeff Herzbach – first assistant director and great location
Sharon Mayall – second assistant director
John Alsup - director of photography
Ron Guensche - sound
Bert Duvoisin – editor
Jonathan Juarez - co-editor
Vanessa Diaz - special fx/makeup
Lauren Lamay - wardrobe consultant
Eve Avalos - still photographer
James Cunningham - grip
Barry Finkelstein – grip

Anna Beckett - Pearl and another great location
Bruce Goodchild - Gus
Jeff Crispi - Robbie
Bonnie Steiger - Nancy - Mom
Jessica Schroeder - Zelda
Andy Fusso - Kingpin
Meg David - Party Girl
Larry Edelstein - Chemist

Eric Drake - sax
Rob Bayne drums
Ron Guensche - guitar
Jean-Noel Moyne - bass
Christine Theberge - vocals/guitar

"If The Blues Don't Kill Me"
Original music and lyrics by Phil Mayall & Christine Theberge

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