Unusual Journey
A Short written and Directed by Prav Potu

This is a classroom in St. Augustine Catholic School in Oakland and it was used for a scene in the short, "Unudual Journey." I play a high school teacher commenting on one of my former students.

Ah, but I get ahead of myself. It all started when....
I got an email from Ari Zagaris, who was a co-producer and actor in "Bust A Shalom" (refer to my resume), and was the lead in "Unusual Journey." In the email, he wrote that I was needed for a scene -- the next day. I love having a reputation sufficient for a director to accept an actor's recommendation. I was there the next day, as promised.


Ari plays a depressed man who answers an ad in the papers posted by a Reality Show asking for people who are going on an Unusual Journey to let the crew follow them. Ari's character Anthony enters their office and says he is committing suicide; would they like to watch. The producer and director find his offer irresistible and do just that. Problems ensue. It's not so easy to commit suicide, either from the mechanical standpoint or from the standpoint of Anthony's courage. Frustration levels rise, pressures are exerted by the producer, lapses in judgment occur.

Throughout the piece, people are interviewed by the crew about Anthony's character, his past, and events that might exokaub his desire to end it all. As his high school art teacher, I confirm he had absolutely no talent and even had conceptualizing problems. Yet, Anthony's supreme sacrifice is so his artwork will finally be appreciated. Oh, the irony.

Ari Zagaris jubilant that the show will go on.
I have arrived on the set for one not-so-pivotal,
yet amusing scene

Though I had just arrived on the set, I was immediately made to feel at home. It was a great experience. And craft table had lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, big soft muffins and pizza. I look forward to working with Ari and Prav in the future, not necessarily together.

And I got an extra added bonus of salary which more than covered the BART and cab fares. It was a good career day all around.

Right: Prav Potu