Fokke News
Thirty-minute animated thriller/
satire in 5 parts
Written and directed by Peter Menchini

Peter Menchini asked me, Bonnie Steiger, among others, to add our voices to this project which can be seen and heard on

Fokke News television broadcasts news just like a similarly named news network does, slanted to the right vertically and absurdly. Check out the latest news items and go behind the scenes at the station. It's hysterical and infuriating!

Peter Menchini orchestrating the animation.

Other voices include Richard Bishoff, Joshua Snyder, Ray Starr, Betty Gee, Waldo Jeffers and Bruce Goodchild. We recorded our voices overs at Duncan Street Studios with John Blakeley at the helm.

When you watch the episodes, check out my voices: Sparky's Wife, Studio Tech, President's Secretary, Woman on TV, Katie Caloric, Woman, Marie, Senator's Wife.

Artistic staff include:
Line Producer/Lead Animator is Stephanie Slade
First Assistant is Dustin Sweet

Unfortunately, a cat lives at the studio and I had to run in from the sidewalk directly outside, do my lines (say my dialogue), and skedaddle, due to my cat allergies. We all didn't get to play off each other, as Peter first intended, also due to scheduling problems.

This was a really fun project and I didn't have to memorize, or wear costumes or makeup. It was great producing lots of different voices with my one little throat. Hope Fokke News is so loved that we get together and make more.