Confessions of a Telecommuter
Written and Directed by Ken Furer & Oren Kaplan

This is a short film about a guy who works out of his home for a computer software company. His wardrobe consists of boxer shorts, socks, and bathrobes, except when he's talking with his boss over the computer with a web cam. Then the suit and tie go on, with the boxers hidden off camera. He lives with his mom and brother. He spends most of his time playing computer games. Actually, he is just one small step above a never-lean-home, never-grow-uper. The only difference is he does receive a paycheck.

I play his mom. In this scene, I, carrying the laundry, pass by him as he plays video games with a girl scout who came by to sell cookies. He says, "Say, Carol, did you have a chance to get those papers faxed yet?," and holds up a handful of papers (see on the very bottom of the photo). Like I'm his secretary! Get real.

I reply, "Say, Wilson, did you have a chance to clean your room yet?" And I walk out.

Both sides of the over-the-shoulder shot
also known as the dreaded reversal.

It took me a long time to finally
unclench that laundry basket,
but it was worth it.

I worked with T.J. Metz as Wilson, my telecommuting son, and Emily Black, the girl scout. I couldn't have asked for more professional co-thespians. To see the rest of the crew and their links, go to the movie's web site. Wish I could have met them all. The whole experience was brief, yet exhilarating. Oren, Ken and the rest of the crew knew at they were doing, stayed very close to schedule, made the atmosphere warm while professional. And the script was spare and right on target. No words wasted, point made. Christine Sweet kept telling us after every shot that we were all doing great. I did mention I'd prefer hearing it from the director, but appreciated the support. She was a wonderful booster. Ken Wronkiewicz not only did field sound, but provided great homemade chocolate chip cookies and hair-on-your-chest coffee. Bless him. He really cooked up some fine meals as well. Dara Goldberg did a great job on my makeup. I came in already done, having found if you come with a naked face to a set, some makeup people can really play havoc with you. She approved of my efforts, changing my lip color and touching up around the edges.

DP's: Oren Kaplan & Dan Shimer
1st AD: Christine Sweet
Script Super.: Bikas Tomkoria
Makeup: Dara Goldberg
Catering: Ken Wronkiewicz
Location: Elma Tunovic
PA's: Melissa Ehlers & Justus Brown

Let's do it again sometime, huh?