Between Two
a Short Film by Judy Plank

As Judy states in her press release, "'Between Two' is a story on two levels: first, the film portrays the struggle by two lesbians to save their long-term relationship, and the antics of a homeless street musician who is hell bent on keeping them together. Second, it is also an exploration of dyads: the intimacy and companionship that results when two human beings pair up, whether lovers, friends, co-workers, family or mortal enemies, and the possibilities for connection, hopefulness and eradication of fear, hatred and prejudice."

Thanks, Judy, but ... what? I thought I was doing girl meets girl, girl loses girl, girl gets friend and regains self-esteem.

Bonnie Steiger and Lisa Engelken

Here, we can see the start of Lisa's problem with the film.
Me, I'm doing just fine, loving the roller head look..

The way I see it: My younger girlfriend (played by Lisa Engelken) dumps me. I, Bonnie Steiger, play a professor at a university and, though devastated and depressed, must find a way to go on. I am brought back to life by a street musician, Augusta, who teaches me not only to play guitar, but also play the game of life.

During the shooting of the film, Judy asked me to bare a breast in a moment of intimacy with my co-star Lisa. I said I wasn't comfortable with it and would rather not. Judy was fine with that. Lisa said she would. No big deal. It was a lovely moment, a tastefully shot scene. But a week later, Lisa called Judy and said she couldn't go on with the rest of the shoot. She was embarrassed and humiliated by the bare breast scene; she felt manipulated and exploited.

Hello! She saw how easy it was for me to say no. She offered to do it. But she had signed a release and the nipple stayed in.

Not to worry, Lisa. This film will never be completed. Judy has lost interest in this and a couple of other films I was in. I don't believe I was the reason. Instead, she is earning a living (no fault) and heads the Davis Film Festival (congrats). This is the reason I always shoot stills or have crew members shoot them for me on set. There is nothing else to prove I acted in the obligatory Lesbian film.

Judy behind her trusted camera.
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