Movie Close Up


I've just recently stopped hosting and producing Move Close Up after mny years. It was a live, call-in, interview show focusing on the San Francisco Bay Area film community. It aired on the San Francisco Public Access channels as well as videostreamed internationally. Filmmakers were interviewed, clips of their works were shown, viewers called in and discussed film topics. We also showed clips from upcoming major films and film festival entrants. Below are listed the courageous filmmakers who braved the live, call-in audience and my searing, yet amiable, wit to be guests on Movie Close Up.

And please check out my celebrity interview show "Below San Francisco," at Chanz.TV. Guests include: Sean Astin, Jeff Bridges, Kim Bassinger, John Waters, Devine, Joan Chen, Marine World Africa Animals, Nick Cassavetes, Dick Shawn, Kitten Nativadad, John Phillip Law, Weird Al Yankovic, Simon Jones (the original Hitchhiker), Tab Hunter, Paul Bartel, Judd Nelson, and more.... These shows are irreverent, funny, historic, and shot in some of the hottest spots in San Francisco.

Me next to the temporarily empty guest seat.

Matt Abaya (filmmaker)

Embrace Madness

Don Adams (Executive Director) San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
Shoresh Alaudini (actor) The Mission Movie

John Aliano (filmmaker)

Parallel Lives, etc.

Dean Alioto (filmmaker)

Alien Abduction

J.P. Allen (writer/director/actor) Coffee & Language / Gambling
Janis DeLucia Allen (actor/producer/editor) Coffee & Language / Gambling

Ali Alliť (filmmaker)

El Espiritu de Mi Mama

Mitchell Altieri (filmmaker) The Hamiltons / Lurking in Suburbia / Long Cut
Cyrus Amini (filmmaker) 25¢ Preview
Rand Alexander (filmmaker) Caged
Sarah Wylie Ammerman (filmmaker) Synching Blue
Christopher Anderson (filmmaker) An Act of Sabotage
Rod Armstrong (programmer) San Francisco International Film Festival
Nick Aquilino (producer/director) Nutcracker / The Brokaw Hoax / Doctor Island, etc.
G.M. Auleta (filmmaker) Spiraling and Spoiling
Bob Ayres (actor) Santa and Sons & Daughter
Hima B. (filmmaker) Vicious
Thomas Bacon (filmmaker) Coatcheck
James Baldwin (writer) The Face
Sam Ball (filmmaker) Pleasures of Urban Decay, Poumy
John Balquist (aka Yahn Soon) (producer, writer, actor) Scared New World
Fred Banting(filmmaker) Smok'd
Hernon Barangan (filmmaker) Murals & Graffiti
Bob Barner (author/illustrator)
Penguins, Penguins, Penguins, etc.
Jerry Barrish (writer/director) Shuttlecock
Bill Basquin (filmmaker) The Ride, Martin, Range, etc.
Robert Battaile (filmmaker) SANTA AND SONS & daughter
Chris Beaver (filmmaker / docu.) Secrets of the Bay / Out of the Way Cafe
Luane Beck (filmmaker) Intentions
Alex Beckstead (documentarian) Trailer Park Blues / sXe
Jesus "Chin" Beltran (filmmaker)
The Grass Grows Green / The China Project
Maurizio Benazzo (documentarian) Short Cut to Nirvana
Larry Betts (filmmaker) Shoe Biz
Dan Bessie (filmmaker) Hard Travelin'
Charlotte Beyers (producer/writer) "A" Is For AIDS / New Crack Facts
Sylvia Binsfeld (writer/producer) Hot Winter Nights / Dorme
Mark Bittner (author) The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
Caroline Blair (filmmaker/Instructor) The Day I Shot Kennedy
Doniphan Blair (video artist) Hand Job
Tim Bland (writer/producer) Crosswalk, The Point of Boxes
Harrod Blank (documentarian) Art Cars
Les Blank (documentarian) Burden of Dreams, Gap Toothed Women, etc.
Jason Blaylock (documentarian) Fridge
Michael Blumlein (author / screenwriter) X, Y / Decodings
Denise Bostrom (writer) Gravitational Love, Night Dreams, etc.
Lisa Bostwick (filmmaker/artist) A Year of Celibacy
Jon Bowden (writer/editor) The Full Picture / Eddie's Dead / Downtown, YouTube 1, 2
Frazer Bradshaw(filmmaker/cinematogapher) Could Have Been Utah, Everything Strange and New, etc.
Mitch Braff (producer/cinematographer) No Room to Roam / World Record Guy
Peter Bratt (filmmaker) Follow Me Home
Brandy Brawner (filmmaker) Chimera House
Maria Breaux (filmmaker) I'd Rather be ... Gone / Faith-Based Charity / Raised by Drag Queens
Jim Breen (filmmaker) #1, My Grief is My Own, Self-Propelled, YouTube
Clark Brigham (writer/director) Water Under the Bridge, Mosquito in the Room
Dorian Brockington (actor) 25¢ Preview, Sometimes We Hum
Chris Brown (filmmaker) Daughters, Scared New World, Fanny, Annie & Danny
David L. Brown (documentarian) Bound by the Wind
Gordon Brown (dir. of photographer) The Face
Tom E. Brown (filmmaker) Das Clown / Rubber Gloves / Don't Run, Johnny
Tom Bullock (editor) A Bedfull of Foreigners / On a Barren Rock
Brien Burroughs (filmmaker) Salamanders / Urbana / Aquamorpheus
Bonnie Burt (documentarian) My Sister, My Wife / A Home on the Range, etc
Aaron & Ryan Buscalacchi (filmmakers) Hellhound
Lewis Buzbee (author) Steinbeck's Ghost
Sean Cain (filmmaker) Naked Beneath the Water
Carl Caldana (filmmaker) Chivalrous Deeds of a Nincompoop, etc.
Geoff Callan (director/producer) Pursuit of Equality
Vincent Carrella (novelist) Serpent Box
Mike Carroll (filmmaker)
Year / Amerika
Paul Charney (director/writer/actor) Sunday Afternoon
Allison Chase (producer) The Face
Miriam Chaya (documentarian) Timbrels & Torahs
Philip Chidel (filmmaker) Subject Two
Adam Chin (filmmaker) Normal Deviate Behavior
Dina Ciraulo (filmmaker) Opal, YouTube
J. Clements (filmmaker) Means of Grace
Thomas A. Cohen (lawyer/writer) The River Why
Christa Collins (filmmaker) She Smokes
Dan L. Connolly (producer) Boneshakers
James Anthony Cotton (filmmaker/musician/actor) The Confessional
Fatima Cortez (executive director) Women in Film & Video - ON SCREEN
Bill Couturie (director/producer) Dear America / Common Threads
Jeanne Crepeau (filmmaker) Julie and Me
Jeff Cretcher (principal) Luminaria CD ROM Productions
Karil Daniels (documentarian) Water Baby /Voices of Dissent
Robert Dalva (director) Black Stallion Returns
Rory Dean and Melissa K. Dean (writer / director) Once Beautiful Past, YouTube 1, 2, 3
Ma rk Decena (filmmaker) One of Those Days / Dopamine / Light
Harry Dehal (filmmaker) Oceania
Alan & Christopher Deinsteg (filmmakers) The Moneytree
Helen de Michiel (filmmaker) Tarantella
Jason Denzel (filmmaker) Pod Commuter / Milestones, YouTube
Michael Derrossett (filmmaker) La Reve de la Mer
Eli Despres (filmmaker) Local Mechanic Wins Millions
Joseph Destein (filmmaker) The Method / Land of Milk and Honey
Desi Des Valle (actor) Costa Brava / Desi's Got a New Girl, etc.
Gabriel Diamond (filmmaker/actor) How Things Are
Sean Dicken (animator) Stanley's Advertures in Filmland, YouTube
Mick Diener (filmmaker) Which Way, Por Favor?
John Dilley (filmmaker) How To Be Popular
Blake Dirickson (filmmaker) Car Babes
Michael Duggan (writer/director/instructor) I/O Error / In This Corner / Public Access
Dennis Duggan (filmmaker/instructor) Dream Street
Sarah Dunham (writer/director/producer) Realism & Lilacs
Simon Edery (producer) Spirit of '76 / Shuttlecock
Tom Edgar (filmmaker) Alcatraz Avenue
Jay Eliot (TV producer) Golden Gate Productions
Theo Ellington (youth filmmaker)
The Homeless Orchestra
Curran Engel (producer) Dead and Breakfast / This Space Between Us, etc.
Chris Ereneta (filmmaker) Seldom Dreaming
Eric Escobar (filmmaker) One Weekend A Month / Night Light
Shirin Etassam (filmmaker) Walls of Sand
Reed Evans (filmmaker) The Stronger / New Set of Tires
Chrys Fa (distribution coordinator) National Asian American Telecommunications Assoc.
Thomas Fahrner (actor / writer / producer) Never the Twins Shall Meet / Night of the Chupacabra
William Farley (filmmaker) Of Men And Angels / Arianna's Journey
Cecil B. Feeder (filmmaker - musician) Meter Maid Me Mad / Our Lady of the Tamale, etc.
Edward Feldman (filmmaker) A Day's Work
Elizabeth Finlayson (documentarian) In and Out of Time
Mackenzie Firgens (actress) Rent, Quality of Life, The Thoimpsons
Mark Fishkin (artistic director) Mill Valley Film Festival
Shawn Flanagan (filmmaker/actor) Boneshakers / Walking on Coals, etc.
Gabriel Fleming (filmmaker) One Thousand Years
Phil Flores (filmmaker) The Hamiltons / Lurking in Suburbia / Long Cut
Lee Flynn(documentarian) Lafanmi Selavi
Philip R. Ford (director) Vegas In Space
Kit Fox (filmmaker) Culpability
Michael Fox (film critic) S.F. Weekly, KQED Independent View, etc.
Mark Freeman (documentarian) Yidische Gauchos
Sam Fuller (filmmaker) Daydreamer
Nick Fumia (filmmaker) Car Babes
Vicky Funari (documentarian) Paulina
Daniel Gamburg (writer/director/actor) IPO, Egg That Wouldn't Hatch, etc.
Valerie Lapin Ganley (documentarian) Shalom, Ireland
Craig Garcia (filmmaker) Not Once But Twice
Matt George (filmmaker) Hellhound / In God's Hands
Michael Ferris Gibson (filmmaker) Numb / 24 Hours on Craig's List
Al Giddings (underwater director) The Abyss / The Deep, etc.
Harjant Gill (filmmaker) The Mission Movie /As If It Matters /Everything
Rick Goldsmith (documentarian) Tell the Truth and Run
Michael Goorjian (actor/writer/director) Illusion
Brian Gordon (Golden Gate Award director) S.F. International Film Festival
Mark J. Gordon (writer/director) Her Majesty
Phil Gorn (filmmaker) The Night Always Wins / Ultimate Reality, etc.
Anita Gouloomian (director) Beaver Run Cafe
Tony Grat (actor) Love Doll
Sam Green (documentarian) The Weather Underground
Sandra J. Hall (production manager) Bad Kitty Films
Barbara Hammer (filmmaker) Nitrate Kisses, etc.
Nathan Logan Hanley (writer / director)
Table for 6 / The Vigilante Memoirs / Rehearsal
Tyler Hanley (writer / actor) Table for 6 / The Vigilante Memoirs / Rehearsal
John Harden (writer/director) Breakfast with the Colonel
Jeffrey Hardy (president) Independent Feature Project/NC
Gadi Harel (filmmaker) Deadgirl
Scarlot Harlot (filmmaker) Yes Means Yes, No Means No
Ryan Harper (filmmaker) Circulation
Amy Harrison (filmmaker) Safety in Numbers / Guerillas in Our Midst, etc.
Rose Hawayek (producer) Beaver Run Cafe
Robert Hawk (exhibition coordinator) Film Arts Festival
Christie Herring (documentarian) Chickens in the City
Paul Hill (filmmaker) Land of Chinggis Khan
Lauren Himmel (filmmaker) The Tragedy of Samantha Biggle & the Twins
Lee Hinton (film/video maker) Hi Mom
Mahri Holt (filmmaker) The Listener
Kari Hong (producer/actor) Dykes on Ice
Michael Hudin (filmmaker) Sandwich, Flamenco Singer
Phillip Hudson (filmmaker) Homeworld
Marc Huestis (director) Sex Is .../ What Ever Happened to Susan Jane?
Halfdan Hussie (artistic director) Cinequest Film Festival
Steve Indig (marketing manager) Landmark Theatres
Judy Irving (documentarian) The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
Michael Jacobs (documentarian) Audience of One
John Jacobsen (writer/exec. producer) Block Parent
Sarah Jacobson (filmmaker) I Was A Teenage Serial Killer
Amir Jaffer (filmmaker) Drag: Not Just Men in Heels / Eve /Between Places
Ivan Jaigirdar (documentarian) Hate Man / Head Nods: A Lexicon of Indian Head Shakes
Sushrut Jain (filmmaker)
Ashley James (documentarian) Season of Hope - Mothers in Recovery, etc.
Petra Janopaul (director) Dykes on Ice
Steven Johnson (documentarian) Dylan's Run
Barak Jolish (producer) The Lost Tribe
Doug Jones (programmer) San Francisco International Film Festival
Kincaid Jones (filmmaker) The Red Wagon
Timothy Jones (filmmaker) Moles / First Takes
Erica Jordan (filmmaker) Walls of Sand / In The Wake
Jon Jost (filmmaker) All the Vermeers in New York, etc.
Jennifer Juelich (writer/director) Cross Town, An Honest Man, Legacy, Love Doll, Neon Sky
Sputnik Juelich (producer/actor) Cross Town, An Honest Man, Legacy, Love Doll, Neon Sky
Jill Jurkowitz (producer) The Face
Diane Karagianakos (filmmaker/actor) Come Fly With Me Nude
Ken Karn (filmmaker) The Secret Princess
Nick Katsapetsas (filmmaker) Get Over It
Deborah Kaufman (artistic dir./filmmaker) Jewish Film Festival
Nancy Kelly (director) 1000 Pieces of Gold
Clint Kempf (filmmaker, cinematographer) Bobby Winslow Project / Suika, etc.
Sarah Kennedy (filmmaker) Dirty Fingernails
Robbie Kenyon (filmmaker) Unlocking Apollo's Front Door, Grey Maibee
John W. Kim (filmmaker) Blur
Glen Kinion (producer/editor) Breakfast with the Colonel
Mark Kitchell (documentarian) Berkeley in the Sixties
Elisa Kleven (author / illustrator)
The Apple Doll, etc.
Charles Koppelman (filmmaker) Dumbarton Bridge / New Schools, etc.
Kamshad Kooshan (filmmaker) The Final Illusion
Patti Kozlovski (producer) Ash Wednesday
Jennifer M. Kroot (filmmaker) Sirens of the 23rd Century
Griffin Lamarchy (filmmaker) The Lump
Nadine Laule (producer/director) Spreading Propaganda, Tea with Tiffany, etc.
Ron Levaco (documentarian) Round Eyes in the Middle Kingdom
Lexi Leban (documentarian) Girl Trouble
Grace Lee (documentarian) Camp Arirang
Joyce Lee (filmmaker) Thanatos
M. David Lee, III (filmmaker) 1-900, etc.
Lynn Hershman Leeson (filmmaker) Conceiving Ada, Teknolust, etc.
Vivi Letsou (filmmaker) Skeleton Woman
Matthew Leutwyler (filmmaker) This Space Between Us
Wendy Levy (festival director) Film Arts Foundation
David Lewis (filmmaker) Rock Haven
Tony Liana (filmmaker) Three Cornered Hat
Wendy Lichtman (author) Secrets, Lies & Algebra / The Writing on the Wall
Ron Light (artistic director) National Educational Film Festival
Brian Lilla (documentarian) Ghetto Fabulous
Adam Liss (filmmakeer) Klaira's Story
Victoria Livingstone (filmmaker) Window
Laurie Loeb (filmmaker) Rewind / I Could Have Been Me
Neil L. Looker (filmmaker) Salvation
Michael Lumpkin (artistic director) S.F. Int'l. LGBT Film Festival
Benjamin Lybrand (filmmaker) The Birdobot
John Madden (writer / director) 8 3/4 / Rabbits and Wolves / 30:30
Sara St. Martin Lynne (filmmaker) Rock In A Hard Place
Issam Macdissy (filmmaker) Hard Act To Follow
Sue Marcoux (documentarian) Twinsburg, Ohio
Edgar Marroquin (exhibitor) Casting Couch Micro Theater
Brad Marshland (writer/director) Liar's Dice - feature
Chris Martin (producer) Adverse Possession
Paul Martin (writer/director) Ash Wednesday / Flashcards
Robert Martin (writer/director) The Music Lesson
Claudya Martinez (actor) The Mission Movie
Vanessa J. Martinez (producer/director) 3rd Light Digital Media / Like a Slow Bullet
Dierdre McClure (conductor -Club Foot Orchestra) The Hands of Orlac

Lisa McElroy (filmmaker/screenwriter)

Job / Haunt, etc.
Scott McGhee (filmmaker) Suture / The Deep End
Darwin Meiners (filmmaker) Fairfield, Ohio / Like Lightning
José-Luis Mejia (producer) Poetry?
Toney W. Merrit (filmmaker - teacher) Asiam / Sarah from Roberts / 6-8 AM
Amanda Micheli (documentarian) Double Dare / Just for the Ride
Destry Miller (producer/actor) Post Concussion
Logan & Noah Miller (filmmakers / actors / writers) Touching Home
Robert Miller (digital filmmaker) Mail Bonding
Sara Millman (filmmaker) Robin's Hood
Paul-Didier Mogg (filmmaker) Carrier
Miles Montalbano (filmmaker) Revolution Summer
Antonio Montanari, Jr. (documentarian) USA vs. Tokyo Rose
Jose Montesinos (filmmaker) Berta, Number 35, Acid Horse
Judith Montell (documentarian) Forever Activist
Samia Mooney (actress) On The Starting Line
Yuyi Morales (author) Just In Case
Jon Moritsugu (filmmaker) Mod Fuck Explosion / Fame Whore / Terminal USA
Lucas Morrison (filmmaker) Accident
Jed Mortenson (filmmaker) North Beach
Vincent Mtzlplck (Lopez) (filmmaker) Our Codependent Love
Susana Blaustein Munoz (filmmaker) Las Madres / My Prison, My Home
David Munro (filmmaker) 1st Love, 2nd Planet / Bullethead
Sharif Nakhleh (director / writer) Pathogen
Kurt & Alexandra Nangle (filmmakers) Only You Can Be Me
Catherine di Napoli (producer / writer) The Californians
Brian Napolitan (actor) Punchcard Player
Steven Napolitan (producer/editor) 1 2 3 / Punchcard Player
Henry H. Neff (author / illustrator) The Hound of Rowan: Book One of the Tapestry, etc.
Tasha Nesbitt (writer/producer/actress) Pathogen
Paul Neyrinck(filmmaker) The Year of the Wonderful Bedroom
Boone Nguyen (filmmaker / program director) Frameline
James Nguyen (director) Julie & Jack, Replica, Birdemic
Kari Nevil (prodicer / director) Planting Melvin
Marcus Niehaus (filmmaker / actor) Open Up
Rob Nilsson (filmmaker) Chalk/Signal 7/Heat & Sunlight, etc.
Liz Nord (documentarian) Jericho's Echo
Thomas Nores (producer/director) Block Parent
Henri E. Norris (distributor/producer) New Millinia Films / Naked Acts
Jacqui North (documentarian) Chrissy
Susan O'Connell (producer) Tell Me A Riddle / Confederacy of Dunces
Richard O'Connell (writer/director) Black Eyed Dogs
Robert O'Geen (director/co-producer) Crosswalk / The Point of Boxes
Paul Oja (filmmaker / actor) Bus Trip
Jorge Oliver (filmmaker) Uranus in the Seventh House / Written, etc. YouTube
Kimber O'Neill (writer/director/producer) Bad Kitty Films
Clinton Wang Oteson (filmmaker) Open Call
Jonathan Parker (filmmaker) Mashie Niblick, Bartleby, The Californians
Celine Parrenas (filmmaker) Super Flip
Alex Pearcy (filmmaker) Deserter
Randy Peyser (writer/performer) Book: Crappy to Happy
Jennifer Phang (Filmmaker) Half Life
Lucy Phillips (director/writer) Steal America

Michael Picarella (writer / director

1 2 3 / Punchcard Player
Todd Pickering (actor / co-writer) Come Fly With Me Nude
Giovannie Pico Espiritu (actress) Counting the Days / ER
Danny Plotnick (Super 8 filmmaker/teacher) Pipsqueak Pfollies / Switchers Seranade, etc.
Tiffany Doesken Polos (filmmaker) Fun and Games
Lourdes Portillo (documentarian) La Ofrenda
Heather Posner (experimental filmmaker) Pounds Per Square Inch
Christina Post (filmmaker) Open Return
Robert Pratten (filmmaker) Mindflesh
Elaine Proctor (director/writer) Friends
Geordie Prodis (executive producer/actor) Dickory Dock
Mike Rabehl (filmmaker) The Secret Princess
Jerry Rapp (filmmaker)
Mojave Phone Booth
Aron Ranen (documentarian) Death Row Art Star /Power & Control: LSD in the 60's
David Rathod (writer/director) West is West
James Raymond (filmmaker) Fingered
Mark Redpath (filmmaker) Acid Beach
Max Reid (filmmaker) Leonardo / Dying in Silence
Ben Rekhi (writer/producer/director) Waterborne / Bomb the System /CarBabes
Allan Richards (entertainer/actor) 3 Legged Race / parties, events, YouTube
Mark Rinehart (filmmaker) Propane Rain
Kim Roberts (documentarian) Miriam Is Not Amused
Elise Robertson (filmmaker) The Sensible Thing
Ray Robinson (producer) Sleeping With the Lion / Suika, etc.
Coleman Romalis (documentarian) Emma Goldberg: The Anarchist Guest
Yuriko Gamo Romer (documentarian) Occidental Encounters
Aron Ronen (documentarian) Hate Man
Bill Rosen (documentarian) The Loss of Nameless Things
Jay Rosenblatt (experimental filmmaker) Smell of Burning Ants, etc.
Edward Rosenblum (filmmaker) The Hand / Fishbowl / Mr. Chatterbox /Broken, etc.
Henry S. Rosenthal (producer) Conceiving Ada / Mod Fuck Explosion, etc.
Jeff Ross (festival director) San Francisco Independent Festival
Julie Rubio (filmmaker - producer) Six Sex Scenes and a Murder / YouTube
Catherine Ryan (documentarian) Maria's Story
Joaquin San Loranzo (writer/director) Counting the Days
Beth Sanders (documentarian) Making the News Fit
Wayne Salazar (experimental filmmaker) Destroying Angel
Marcel Sarmiento (filmmaker) Deadgirl
Babak Sarrafan (filmmaker) Sting of Chance
James Savoca (writer - director) Around June
Peter Scarlet (artistic director) S.F. International Film Festival
Janelle Schaffer (actress) Counting the Days
William Scheinman (author) White Light / Raptures
Laurie Schmidt (filmmaker) Sleep Come Free Me
Morgan Schmidt-Feng (filmmaker) Morgan's Cake /Full Blossom /Office Furniture, etc.
Wayne Schotten (filmmaker) The Knight in Glass Armor
Sam Scribner (screenwriter) Delta Heat / Criminal Mind
Mark Schwab (producer/director) Toe Tag Special
Henry Selick (director/animator) A Nightmare Before Christmas / James and the Giant Peach
Tom Sepenzis (filmmaker) The Shroud / A Moment of Silence, etc.
Ruth Shapiro (documentarian) Teatro
Chris Shaw (filmmaker) Split
Ken Shelf (filmmaker) Humans Being
Matthew Sidle (filmmaker) Lick of Fury
David Siegle (filmmaker) Suture / The Deep End
Taggart Siegel (filmmaker) The Shadow of the Pepper Tree
Megan Siler (filmmaker) The Midwife's Tale
Kia Simon (filmmaker) Alice / Dive / Disarmed, etc.
Brant Smith (producer) Quality of Life
Eric Smith (documentarian) Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road
Melissa K. Smith (producer / photographer) Once Beautiful Past
Marc Smolowitz (producer/distributor) Lilies/Fancy's Persuasion, etc.
Greta Snider (experimental filmmaker) Portland, etc.
Octavio Solis (playwrite/director) Prospect
Erin Sonnenschein (filmmaker) Bunny Luv / Praying for St. Brigid, etc.
Jesse Spencer (filmmaker) Grapes: A Love Story / Corner of Your Eye
Stephen Statler (filmmaker) The Breaching Show
Juliet Stelzman (filmmaker) Lion in the House of Love
Andrew Stern (filmmaker) Open Call
Arthur Streeter (filmmaker) Lights Out
Mareesa Sterts (filmmaker) Royal Heights / Young Gold / Shadow of a Post-Modern ...
Kevin Sun (filmmaker) Shrivelly Lives
Lidia Szajko (documentarian) Girl Trouble
Michelle Taghioff (filmmaker) The Visitor
Finn Taylor (filmmaker) Dream with the Fishes / Cherish / The Darwin Awards
Jennifer Maytorne Taylor (producer) Paulina
Mark Taylor (Exhibition Coordinator) Film Arts Foundation
Michelle Tea (author, poet, screenwriter) The Chelsea Whistle / Valencia
Yvette Torell (documentarian) Just Mom and Me
Eric Towner (filmmaker) Sunday Paper p. 2B
Aaron Tudisco (writer / producer) Capri
Pamela S. Turner (author) A Live in the Wild
Vivian Wu (filmmaker) Are You Self-Conscious?
Jim Vaccaro (writer) Read You Like a Book
Mabel Valdiviezo (filmmaker) Soledad Is Gone Forever
Rosalia Valencia (artistic director) Cine Accion's Cine Latino Film Festival
Gustavo Vazquez (filmmaker) Lunada
Natalija Vekic (filmmaker)
Lost & Found / Girl with the Pearl Suspended
Anthony Verge (filmmaker) Cathy Morgan / Writer's Day /Attorney
Jim Vilona (producer) The Vineyard
Linda A. Vito (executive producer) On The Starting Line
John Voltz (filmmaker) Normal Deviate Behavior
Vu T. Thu Ha (director) Kieu
Jonathan Wald (filmmaker) Just Out of Reach
Michael Wallin (filmmaker) Black Sheep Boy, etc.
Jack Walsh (filmmaker) Second Coming / Dear Rock, etc.
Pam Walton (documentarian) Gay Youth - short
Ray Arthur Wang (director / producer / actor ) Carma / Dogstar / Tapestries of Hope
Xiao-Yen Wang (filmmaker) Monkey Kid / Blank Point
Greg Watkins (filmmaker) A Sign From God / A Little Stiff
Dan Weir (filmmaker) Hole to China
Elliot Weiss (co-writer / actor / poet) Lights Out
Gabe Wesiert (filmmaker) Fishing with Gandhi
David Wells (filmmaker) The Fairgrounds
Michael Wilson (filmmaker) Brown / Flora's Film , YouTube
Peter Wilson (filmmaker) She's Vintage
Doug Wolens (filmmaker) Weed / In Frame / Butterfly / Happy Loving Couples
Chris Wolf (filmmaker) Car Babes
Jason Wolos (filmmaker) Waiter Duty
Richard Wong (filmmaker) Colma: The Musical
Belay Workneh (filmmaker) The Lost Tribe
Mary Works (documentarian) The Life & Times of the Red Dog Saloon
Charles Herman-Wurmfield (filmmaker) Fanci's Persuasion
Fawn Yacker (filmmaker-cinematographer) Bedtime Story
Kenji Yamamoto (producer/editor) 1000 Pieces of Gold
Mary Taloe Yang (filmmaker) Harold Darling
Daniel Yoon (filmmaker) Post-Concussion
Jody Yvette (producer / editor) 8 3/4 / Rabbits and Wolves / 30:30
Robert N. Zagone (filmmaker) Read You Like a Book

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