Midday Serenade
Directed by Joe Mesiano
Seen at the 48 Hour Film Project
Roxie Theater, Tues., June 9, 2009

I never got my copy of the film even after several phone calls and emails asking for it. Otherwise, it was a lovely experience.


Another year, another 48 Hour Film Project. Oh, I just love working in these competitions, not that I'm at all competitive. I leave that to the directors/writers who are looking for the big break, the glory, the exaltation of victory. If you don't know about the 48 Hour Film Project, it's a contest that involves making a short film within 48 hours. To make sure no one starts early, on a Friday at 5 p.m., all the contestants meet at a pre-arranged location and are told that all films must include the same: (1) prop, (2) character name and profession, and (3) line of dialogue. Each contestant reaches into a metaphorical hat and grabs a genre. Thus the filmmaking race begins. It ends 48 hours later on Sunday when the films are turned in for judging.

This is the dream sequence shot in Golden Gate Park
where I meet my pulp romance lover.

And here he is, Claude, played by George Epsilanty.
Guitar is for romancing, along with poetry I inspire.
I've done this twice before and had great times on both occasions. So, I couldn't pass up another opportunity to do it again. This time I responded to Joe Mesiano's notice on Craig's List and joined his team. Joe and his team were professional, good spirited, and talented. I got the lead in the film, which was very well written. We started shooting at 8 a.m. and wrapped at 7 p.m. Saturday. I'm really still aglow from the experience. We and 14 other entrants screened at the Roxie on Tuesday, June 9th.
"Midday Serenade" is about a woman who eagerly slips into a fantasy life based on one of the many romance novels tpo which she has become addicted. In a lackluster marriage and missing her son who recently moved out to go to college, Karen has an extreme case of empty nest syndrome and seeks refuge from her outward depression in the dreamy arms of her devoted, romantic musician/lover, Claude. Sounds serious, but there is a lot of humor in this psychological romance and I had a great time playing the nuances of a women who while awake is angry towards her husband and tender with her son, and when asleep, is the heroin in her own great romantic dream.

My son, Brandon, played by Landon Reinoeho, calls to me
from the "real" world and draws me back from my reverie.

Director Joe Mesiano prepares me
for the next shot.

Writer, script supervisor Claire Williams

Second DP Michael catches the action.

Team Members

Director - Joe Masiano
Producer - Thomas Murphy
Writers: Claire Williams, Frank Summa, Matt Spencer
Assistant Director - Matt Spencer
Director of Photography - Chris Marina
Second DP - Michael
Sound Supervisor - Eric Fish
Editor - Jan Boakje
Boom Operator - Tony Jackson
Script Supervisor - Claire Williams
Production Assistants - Ed Pisari, Mike Grilo

Bonnie Steiger - Karen (wife)
George Epsilanty - Claude Green (romancer)
Rob Parra- Eddy (husband - not in this dream scene)
Landon Reinoeho - Brandon (son)