Caterpiller Tabloid Fiction
Written & Directed by Camille June Gregoire

Not as easy as it looks.
This is a short film about a day in the life of a beautiful, young woman, Sydney, played by Candace Younghans. Remember, I only see the film from the perspective of my character, so you're not getting the whole story of the film. Be that as it may, on Sydney's way to a modeling photo shoot, she has an accident. She hits me, Miriam, with her car. In a panic, she drives away, but morals get the better of her, sort of. Parked a couple of blocks away from me, still laying in the street, she puts on her sneakers and, posing as a runner who has no involvement with the accident, comes to my aid.

I've been hit by Sydney's car
while getting out of a parking space.

Sydney returns to the scene posing as a jogger.
I'm a bit dazed, confused and angry about the damned driver who would just leave me in the street. Sydney, the protagonist if not heroine, helps me get up and sit on the curb, as well as gathers my shopping which lays strewn on the street. She asks if I want to go to the hospital and I respond I can't afford even the deductible. "I'll be all right. I'm fine," I say as I try to hide my pain.

She helps me up and to the curb.

One can only guess how extensive my injuries are, but Sydney accepts my statement that I will be okay once I catch my breath. She jogs off to get back to her car, her photo shoot, her life. And there I sit...

That blue equipment behind me and other quippment really don't show up in the film.

Director Camille Gregoire in the offending car.

The street used for this scene was 48th Avenue and Sutro Heights, just a short walk to the beach. The weather was great -- for enjoying a leisurely walk on the beach, if too sunny and clear for good shooting. We all had a lovely time by the sea, snacking on crafts and watching me lie down, get up, lie down, get up, then get up, sit on the curb, over and over. Really, I didn't mind. The script was challenging and the company great.

Crew happily preparing next shot

"Are you sure the chuck is snug against the tire?"

Nice to see everyone enjoying themselves while I work on my "unconscious self."

Still amidst the chaos.

Drawing inspiration from Camille's direction.

How we celebrated the end of shooting this scene.

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