The First Time
Short Narrative film
written and directed by Lisa Apfelberg-Walton

Here I am, flanked by Lisa Apfelberg-Walton, writer, director, producer, editor of "The First Time," to my right, and Sherman Koltz , who plays my husband, to my left
(also my husband in Bust A Shalom - check resume). In this story, my 19 year old daughter, played by Sarah Bennett, has sex for the first time with her boyfriend, played by John Flaa. Despite the use of a condom, she gets pregnant. In this scene, I ask my daughter if she is ready for motherhood. After all, she is still my baby. Oddly, she takes my advice and has an abortion. What a coup for reality (not the taking of a mother's advice, but the choice to have an abortion)! My thanks to Lisa for making a film about a young woman who decides to have an abortion and lightening does not strike her dead for her transgression. The film ends with a flash forward several years to my daughter and her now-husband (still Flaa) anticipating the birth of their planned child.

Now, all I'm waiting for is a film about Vietnam deserters, and I don't mean "White Knights." Who among you has the courage to tackle that issue?

Here's a scene we shot at a supermarket. I'm supposed to run into "the boy" who
got my daughter pregnant and shoot him dagger eyes. That's my dagger eyes look. Unfortunately, this scene didn't make it to the final cut. I haven's used the dagger eyes since, but am looking forward to another opportunity in the future.


A relaxing moment between takes on the set of "First Time." I have no idea what happened to this film, where and if it was ever shown, or how one might purchase it.

Coincidentally, Director Lisa was very pregnant during the shooting of this film. Obviously, she didn't go in for long work days or multiple takes. She had a healthy little girl shortly after we wrapped.

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