Written and directed by George S. Rosenthal


George never fulfilled his obligation
of giving me a copy of the film.

George (with boom) and I discuss the finer points
of filmmaking while producer/shooter Susan Fahmy
concurs and John Kenning listens on.
A bonding moment between me and Johnny who
plays Chris, the Lot of this film whose faith
is tested by the machinations of a vampire.

This is a film about, as the name implies, blood lust.
A young female vampire, played by Kelly Devoto,
sets her sites on the perfect student, played by
John Kenning. But he is a good Catholic who is never
without his cross. She must make him so angry at
God that he renounces his faith and tears the cross off
his chest, thereby making him vulnerable to her Bloodlust.

I play Mrs. Harrison, the math teacher who is one of Johnny's (Chris') tests. Kelly (Katie) arranges for Chris to loose his homework and arrive late to class. I am unsympathetic and take his grade down a whole step for the semester. Here are his classmates. The guy with the sunglasses is Jack Reynard, and he shot a lot of these production stills for me. Thanks, Jack.
Chris, properly humiliated by me for being late and
without his homework assignment, goes to his seat.
And here is the culprit, right, Katey the vampire, who uses
a parasol to get to and from school and insidiously plots Chris' demise. How does she apply her makeup with benefit of reflection?

I take down some very important notes on the
scene between takes while practicing my teacher demeanor
a la the method.
Here, John's dad, also John, steps in.
Though George (center) is only a freshman at High School of Art in San Francisco, he is already an experienced filmmaker. His 4 minute short, "Urban Frankenstein" played in the San Francisco International Film Festival. And he has earlier works to his credit as well. Of course, he did have the advantage of growing up in a filmmaker's home. George's father is Henry S. Rosenthal, producer of films such as "All the Vermeers in New York," "Mod Fuck Explosion," and many more.

Andrea Sonnenberg expertly handles the boom mic
while George discusses the next shot with Suzy.
And my special thanks to Mr. Corea, whose classroom
we used for the shoot and who taught me
Mean, Median and Mode. I really felt the part of the
math teacher after his expert lesson.

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