Directed / Written by Keith E. Varady

I, Bonnie Steiger, ponder the role of Linda.

With his extensive background in TV and filmmaking, Keith E. Varady decided to take on the task of realistically depicting life in San Francisco's drug riddled downtown slum.

The Ambassador Hotel in the heart of the Tenderloin is the location for much of the film.

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Hepburn begging a neighbor for a smoke,
a sip of beer, emotional support, anything

The story goes: Hepburn (played by Michael Caleb Quinn) is a pretty irrespon-sible heroine junky (is there any other kind?). A friend of his, Greg O'Malley (played by Jars Von Troolie), gives him some money to buy meth, but Hepburn comes back with heroine and convinces Greg to take it instead even though Greg never took it before. Hepburn is enjoying his drug of choice while Greg falls into the throes of overdosing, begging for help. Greg dies and the police investigation begins. This kind of Tenderloin death is a low priority and Hepburn gets off free and clear after a short, frightening time at the police station for questioning. Ah, but what follows?

Michael ready and Jars
preparing for the next take.

I, Bonnie Steiger, play Linda , the only semblence of reason and sanity in this residence hotel. Many neighbors drop by, including Hepburn, for a drink, a smoke, a respite from the chaos of their own rooms, the public rooms, the hallways, the streets, and partake in a little conversation. Linda often tells them stories from her past, and all the stories end on a bitter or sad note -- her adolescence, her marriage, her dealing with dealers and thieves. She is responsible for the shambles her life has turned into. There are no happy endings for junkies, which my character had been previously. These days, Linda lives quietly and dispenses a bit of morality through recounting her past without preaching or even trying to change these fellow lost souls.

Visitor Rikki (Calvin Healey) and I (Bonnie Steiger)
recount common experiences in my little room.

Larry (Hidjra) is also a
regular visitor and scrounger.

My Gigi makes her first film appearance as Linda's companion.

Rikki the rabbit (Calvin Healey)

The rooms are small, but each has its own bathroom. There is no ventilation, but if you leave the window and door open, you get a breeze -- and the noise and constant intrusions from the hallway denizens. The constant noise from the nearby roof power equipment is maddening as well. As the shoot continued into the night,
the activity and noise increased.

There but for fortune.