A Netopian World
Industrial Short
directed and written by Ken Alan

So, when Apple came out with its super simple Mac for people who pretty much wanted it just for Internet access, there was a big problem. Yes, they mostly wanted the computer for Internet use, but, jeez, how about a printer and a floppy drive? This Mac was way too simple. So, Apple immediately made some interface connections to sell to this market so people who had already bought this Mac could attached a drive and a printer.

Here's where I come in. I'm Jane MacUser and I need to learn how to install the interface and get rolling with the addition of my printer and/or floppy drive. I mimed the whole thing, expressing the fear, anxiety, insecurity, panic and eventual satisfaction with installing the interface. Ken lent his own voice to the over script, giving me stp-by-step directions. It was exaggerated and very funny so as to dispel all fears a non-technical person might have.

I feel good, I'm in charge, I've taken control of my life
and my Mac. Don't worry, the camera is around somewhere.

Just because I'm a winner, don't paparazzi me.
I believe the producer and videographer are with us in this shot.
Can you guess which is which?

It must have worked. Not only did Macs keep selling, much to the chagrin of the PC market, but we won a couple of awards for this little instructional video. Here I am with Ken to my immediate right at the ITV Awards which took place at the Delancy Street Theater. Forgive me, PC'ers. I do own a Dell, which, incidentally, has made me old before my time. And by the way, who would buy a computer without noticing there wasn't a disc drive or printer port? Duh!

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