Squeeky's Revenge
Written and Directed by Jon Bastian

I have to admit, I was only given my scene to read - kind of a need-to-know basis. So, I don't really know what's going on in this film. My part in it certainly is funny and strange. I play a mob boss. Check out my evil Italian eye in the photo above. My waiter better have gotten the order right.

The shoot took place at Gaspare's Italian Restaurant on Geary in San Francisco. The background of this page is from one of the many paintings on the walls in the restaurant. They certainly added atmosphere. All Italian restaurants should have murals or paintings of Italy (or San Francisco looking like Italy) and grape vines hanging from the ceiling.

I did the part in a Brooklyn-Italian-smoker's voice to be more intimidating.

Some of the crew and my co-star
(second from the right) take a
little breather outside.

I'm eating my shrimp scampi in tomato sauce and have a little talk with my henchman Vic, played by Nate Tynan. I'm upset with him because he didn't "wax" Der Fuehrer, like I told him to, and I have to set him straight. Naturally, I threaten him. "I don't have to call The Tooth Fairy, do I?" I love that line. Everybody's got aliases, and that's a great one. I tell Vic that "I got a call from The Swami who said Vic was in eminent danger, something about a stone god." It turns out a huge Tiki stone statue is chasing Vic all over San Francisco. Sure, I have no idea what it's about, and I've seen it. But I really enjoyed it.

I confer with Director Jon Bastian amid
the chaos of production.

The crew tweaks my Godfather
(in this case Godmother) lighting

Here, I am completely ignored... I mean, I take the opportunity to prepare for my performance.


John Dilley - Asst Director, Gaffer
KC Smith - Director of Photography
Candace Roberts - Camera Assistant
Patrick Bowsher - Sound
Jen Hale - Grip, Still Photographer
Adam Schneider - Grip, PA
Kit Fox - overseer

Nate Tynan - Actor (Vic)

Oh, the art that is Gaspare's

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