San Franpsycho
Written, directed, produced by Jose and Ed Quiroz

As the Quiroz brothers state in their website, their film company, Pumpkin Patch PIctures, has produced over a dozen features that can be found at any Blockbuster and Hollywood video, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Circuit City, Fry's, Sam Goody, Suncoast, etc.

San Franpsycho depicts a psychotic's killing spree and the cops and TV reporter who try to stop him. Starring as the lead detective is Joe Esteves (brother of Martin Sheen and uncle to Emilio and Charlie). His partner is played by Victor Zaragoza. Todd Bridges (older brother in Diff'rent Strokes) plays the cop assigned to protect TV reporter and my daughter, Rita Franco, played by Eleni C. Krimitsos. The killer was played by Jose Rosete.



Todd Bridges, Jose & Ed Quiroz

Jose checking my first shot.

Mom on the phone with daughter.

Rocky Robinson - Cinematographer
with his trusty camera.
I play the lead's mother. My portion of the story starts with a telephone call to my daughter, Rita, played by Eleni Krimitsos. I'm terribly worried about her because all I here about in the news is a rampaging serial killer. Since Rita is a TV reporter, she is high profile and has been reporting on the killer. Is she a possible next victim? After she tells me she's perfectly safe, I ask her to come over for dinner and bring her boyfriend, Barry, played by Elias Castillo. He's busy, but she comes. I may be wrong, but my reading of the subtext showed an overly intense interest in Barry. Am I hot for him? Am I trying to get my daughter married off and bearing grandchildren for me as soon as possible? I just think I mention him too often for a "normal" mother.

Joe Esteves waiting for his next shot.

Todd Bridges saying hello to his family.

Eleni Krimitsos checking her lines.
Rita comes to dinner. All goes well, then we say goodbye in my driveway. When I return to the dining room to clean up, I find an envelope with Rita's name on it. I call her on her cell to tell her she left an envelope here. She didn't. It was the killer leaving her a message. He was in my house while we were in the driveway. We are being stalked! She hurries back with her police escort, Officer Eckersley (Todd Bridges).

Ed directs Eleni and me in the dinner scene.
Please don't look at the food too closely.

A little day-for-night was created by
blackening the windows for the dinner scene
by Elias Castillo who also played Barry.

Outside view of day-for-nighting.

Jose Rosete not only climbed ladders, but also convincingly played the killer.

Settling in for a little dinner and vino.

Todd Bridges watches on as we say goodnight.

Shortly after, Rita returns to try to protect me from the stalking killer.
We wait by the car as Det. Eckersley (Bridges) checks the house.

Det. Alva (Victor Zaragoza) carefully handles the
killer's note as I peek at the camera.

Eckersley calls for backup and Detectives Culp (Joe Esteves) and Alva (Victor Zaragoza) arrive to suss out the situation. They assure me I will be protected and they will catch the killer. But do they? You will only know for sure when you buy/rent the DVD early 2006.



A happy twosome, plus one very serious detective.

In the script, my role is "Rita's Mother," and I have to tell you, I was none too happy about that. Joe Esteves, a true gentleman, solved my dilemma in a scene we shared. He starts a bit of dialogue with me by adding: "Mrs. Franco..." In a brief aside, Joe told me to interrupt him and tell him my first name. So:
Detective Culp: "Mrs. Franco..."
Rita's Mother: "Call me Barbara."
Detective Culp, "Barbara, I don't want to worry you. We're going to protect you..."
And thus a name was born. The Quiroz Brothers agreed to show it in the titles that way: "Barbara Franco." I'm not an aside. I'm a character. And I owe it all to Joe Esteves. Thanks, Joe.


Todd Bridges & Jose Quiroz admire the camera.
What a rockin' good time I had on this shoot. Jose and Ed Quiroz got this movie thing down pat. They know how to treat their cast and crew and get the job done efficiently. And there was still time for Joe Esteves and Todd Bridges to tell some great stories while catching a game on TV between shots.