Shaft de Deux
Written and Directed by John Topping
Starring John Topping and Bonnie Steiger

Sorry, didn't bring my camera to this shoot. This is off the TV. Actually, this shoot was a complete surprise to me. I was visiting L.A. and dropped by John's apartment. He suggested we do a short comedy piece he had been thinking about.

Parents sing a lullaby to their infant -- the theme to Shaft. So, John whipped out his Shaft movie soundtrack and we practiced for half an hour. Then he put his camera on the tripod and we started singing to our baby.

I love this piece. It is subtle, crazy and somehow inherently ironic. John strikes again.

We were on a roll. We proceeded on to the kitchen. The baby is asleep and we have some time to ourselves, he to read the papers, I to do a crossword puzzle. Naturally, I ask my husband to help me with the clues. Again, the lyrics to Shaft, but this time spoken, not sung. "Honey, five letters. Who is the guy..."

The whole piece is less than 10 minutes and is in a collection of shorts called "The Dreaded Experimental Comedies by John Topping." You can even see a clip of this and other works, or buy a VHS copy, at John Topping's website.

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