Nature Etchings
by Sheryl Steiger Young


Fine line drawing and attention to minute detail have always characterized my art work. Though the subject matter varies, my etchings remain extremely subjective. The etchings, not only include animals, but also fantasy, erotic and nature. My etchings take the observer where neither beast, tree nor landscape is what it appears to be, but rather a precious spirit or place where hidden images, both real and imagined, merge.

The prints can be loosely divided into three categories: animals and nature, fantasy, and erotic.

Recently, I have changed my focus to include endangered animals in the hope that bringing each animal's intensely personal connection with viewers will change their response to a much more concerned and empathetic point of view.  The nature and animal studies are, after all, the root of my work, expressing all the perfection and beauty one could possibly be privileged to enjoy in the world.

The fantasy prints contain numerous winged angels and fairies. These beings, who evince a playfulness, are winged protectors of the real and unreal creatures who inhabit the dreamlike landscape.

The erotic work is often playful in nature as well. The eroticism is rarely obvious, but rather, it is blended into the fabric of the work, which is frequently the study of mythological or Victorian themes.

Each work is signed and numbered.
All etchings are matted. Stated price includes free shipping.

To purchase any of these beautiful works, contact Sheryl Steiger Young at

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Stellen's Eagle




Two Hounds








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