Paradox: Nobody
Written and Directed by Roman Scott

A colleague of Roman's responded to my email and stated: "Unfortunately, Paradox is still in post-production. He is currently taking time off from the post process to begin pre-production on his first feature." Years have passed. Well, maybe someday I'll get the copy I was promised. Good luck, Roman.

Roman Scott wrote a short film which, I have to admit, is a bit confusing to me. A cop is following leads on one crime, which takes him to a suicide and kidnapping. Throw in this classic film noir, a mysterious man (almost nameless, but named after the man who found him as a infant). This man seems to be omniscient and can sway people to do what's right. Unfortunately, he doesn't get to them until after they've done wrong.

I (Georgia) work for Derek as a secretary. Derek has kidnapped my daughter. The mysterious Thaao Deornelas (as Juan) convinces Derek to commit suicide. Juan also gives subtle clues to Inspector Stabler as to where my daughter is. Oh my.

Roman left, works with Mark Grande
(as Inspector Stabler).

Here I am saying goodbye to my boss, Derek, for the day. I have to hurry to pick up my daughter at school. Little did I know she had already been abducted by Derek himself.

You are now getting a good look at my apartment. Oh, the joy of shooting at home. My office stood in as Derek's office, and my lobby as the entrance to his building. My kitchen was Georgia's kitchen and my bedroom was my "trailer." I can't recommend shooting at home enough.

And here, Roman discusses a scene with Mark and
Arthur Wright (seated, as Derek).

I've left the office and am heading out, checking my bag for my car keys. That was my own touch
The whole point of shots of my saying goodbye to my boss, going down the stairs and encountering Juan at the door was to show Juan was one spooky dude and I actually met him. Therefore, he wasn't just an hallucina-tion of Derek's guilt-ridden imagination, but a true wraith.

Note the bullet hole in his back.
He had a run in, but that doesn't stop him.

Here, I am distraught and frantic, while trying to remain calm and in control. Inspector Stabler discusses the case and the information he has so far. I'm not feeling any better when he hands me my daughter's necklace. Where did he find it? What does this mean? Is my daughter alive?

Upset -- I guess.

Roman's incredible crew: Adrien Colon and Cisco Rivera.
And that's my livingroom under production rubble.

Mark exercising his Marlon Brando
acting method, meaning he is writing his dialogue to be
placed on the wall where he can see it, but the camera can't. .

Arthur looking businesslike shortly before
his visit from Juan and its fatal consequences.

Thanks, Roman, for a challenging and enjoyable shoot.

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