Extreme Forensics
The Ohio Sniper

for Investigation Discovery Channel

Will probably air on Monday,
November 29, 8 pm EST.

Extreme Forensics is a new show on the Discovery Channel which recreates and explores famous crimes and criminals. In this show, the crimes of sniper Charles McCay, Jr., are explored. Between October 2003 and February 2004, McCoy terrorized the greater Columbus, Ohio, area , shooting his 9mm Beretta into school yards, gas stations and on the highways of Ohio. During his cold blooded rampage, there was only one fatality, housewife and mother Gail Knisley. She and her best friend, Mary Cox, were driving down I-270, taking Gail to a doctor's appointment. They were having such a pleasant time chatting in the car, driver Mary missed the exit. She took the next exit to get back, and was met by McCoy going in the opposite direction shooting into her car. The bullet grazed Mary's jacket and then ricocheted off the dashboard, hitting Gail in the chest and killing here.

Mary Cox (me, Bonnie Steiger) and Gail Knisley (Ester Mulligan)
chat as they cruise towards Gail's doctor's appointment.
Friends enjoying their drive --
Sellers in back seat capturing the moment.

This show was produced by Michael Hoff Productions of Emeryville, California. It was my first time working with this company, and was a very pleasant experience. This episode was produced by Julie Nelson (with whom I worked through Indigo Productions for "The Plot to Kill Reagan"). Shot and directed by Chris Sellers.

If Mary hadn't been so engrossed in their conversation,
she wouldn't have missed the exit -- and error which cost Gail her life.

Ester did a wonderful death scene --
I was moved to tears.

There's previous scene establishing our friendship -- hanging out in Gail's kitchen while she cooks, I drink coffee and we talk about family and kids. We were too busy sticking to tbe tight schedule to get a photo in. I'll try to add one from the show itself once I get a copy. I'm sure it will mean a lot to all of you.

Left -- I get very emotional when I see my dearest friend suddenly lying dead beside me. My call to 911 is frantic and hysterical.

Ohio Sniper should air some time in October, 2008. Will post when I find out.


Charles McCoy, Jr. (Ronnie Oyler),
the sniper between shots (poor pun).

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