The Weird Sisters
Directed by Nadia Sokolov-Dayan

Inspired by William Shakespeare's Macbeth

I added press-on nails to really get into the witch part.
I loved and hated them.
I felt so witchy, but I was pretty much unable
to do anything with my hands.
I'll say no more. Note the eyeball rings.

Here we are, the three Weird Sisters pre-makeup
Cynthia Burgess, Bonnie Steiger,
and Kanlaya Palivan.

And here we are in our personae. Kanlaya is the Asian deity, Cynthia is the Hollywood Goddess, and I'm the Gypsy Crone. I thought it fitting I use a Scottish accent, being a highlands witch, as it were, and Nadia concurred.

Director Nadia takes a reading of a treetop.

The crew assembles below a
wondrous tree in this bucolic setting

Writer-director Nadia Sokolov-Dayan is a great aficionado of Shakespeare and wanted to give new insights and meaning into Macbeth's witches in this short project for her degree in film from San Francisco State. Hope we got her an A.

Crew closes in for my dramatic gesture.
Check out the background - is this not paradise?

And there it is -- press-on nails and all:
"We will meet Macbeth upon the heath."

I'm that white blotch with the straw hat walking towards the meeting place with MacBeth. Notice all the crew behind us.

Sunglasses were not part of the costume,
but necessary between shots in the glorious
weather and locale.

I have to admit, I was shocked when I saw this photo.
I'm the witch on the far left, the really small one.
I was asked to bend over and act old,
so I curled up
my spine and hunched over. Hard to believe
I'm actually the same height as the Cynthia, beside me.

In this scene, we're approaching the hilltop where
we will meet Macbeth and warn him of his kingly
and tragic future. But first, a photo for the archives.


We dance in circles, shouting out in iambic pentameter Macbeth's fate. Each of us have our own feelings about his fate and the fate of men in general. I (in red) am saddened by the endless and useless war, incited by greed and signifying nothing. Cynthia's witch (in blue) is disdainful and feels men get what they deserve, Kanlaya (the smallest) is very young and new to witchcraft. She is being initiated into the arts and finds her own passage much more important than any mortal's, even a king's.

Nadia and her coven.

It wasn't always sunny.
I contemplate the drizzle (right)
under the eave of this great home (below)
while the rest of the crew and cast take a break
at the great crafts table and prepare for the
next shot once the cloud passes.

We shot up in Healdsburg over a three day period. Our aptly appointed Location Manager, Matthew Wakerling, volunteered this beautiful home and land which is owned by his aunt and uncle, Steve and Kathy Lyden. One could certainly get used to country living in such spacious accommodations and exquisite countryside. We were all working so hard, especially all the crew, that there was no time to trash the place, just shoot and sleep..

Still smiling at the end of the shoot.
Not all productions can claim that.

Executive Producer/Director: Nadia Sokolov-Dayan
Director of Photography: Wing Hon
Production Mgr. : Jason Noel
Location Mgr. : Matthew Wakerling
Transportation Mgr. Uri Shachaff
Asst. Director: Shannon Green
Script Super.: Jeremiah Stewart, Lisa Fox
Production Assistants: Kilikina Casey, Lisa Fox, Robin Dettman
1st Camera Operator: Michael Kayman-Kanarvogel
2nd Camera Asst.: David Mong
Key Gaffer: Jerremy Stewart
Gaffers: Jeff Tachstone, David Mong
Key Grip: Brian Paolo Cua
Grip: Jason LaPlaca, Emily Streetz
Clappers: Robin Dettman, Lisa Fox
Catering: Amir Sokolov-Dayan
Set Photographer: Esther Spanjer
Sound Recordist Peter Waymire
Boom Operators: Leonardo D'Antoni, Garrett Vang
Art Director: Will Canepa
Wardrobe & Props / Editor: Moana Sherrill
Wardrobe Assistant: Kilikina Casey
Hair & Makeup: Sara Miller

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