True Credit Flash Game
by 8 Speed Multimedia

Just click above to play the game.

So, there's this very funny video game, violent in a corporate sense. It was created and shot by Jim Reed and directed by Dani Malik of 8 Speed Multimedia. You know how pissed off you get in the office by so many of your co-workers; peeking over the cubicle wall, botheromg you with one annoying habit after another. You'd like to throw something at them. Well, in this game, you do.

I mug for the camera operated by Jim Reed.

"Oh, how I suffer.
I am woman, here me complain."

The hero or heroine sits in his/her cubicle and several associates bother him/her to distraction. I am the "Too Much Info Woman." I complain about all my aches and pains, my headaches and my allergies, my coughs and my colds. And I never cover my nose and mouth when I cough and sneeze. Our hero/heroine has an assortment of weapons on the desk which he/she hurls at me and the other annoyers.

This was done in a series of photographs in pantomime that will be manipulated for the game. I enjoy playing the game and killing myself with paperclips, post-its, coffee mugs, and scotch tape rolls.