writen and directed by Anonymous

A terrorist or an alian? This being goes from house to house, sometimes to run away from a security specialist, sometimes to examine human nature and emotion.

I played a cameo -- one sad, lonely woman staring off into the distance. The being walks right past me without my noticing.

The writer/director and crew of this feature preferred anonymity

Doing the sad gaze.

I never even sensed his presence..

From the other side.

This man has special powers. Honestly, I haven't read the script and don't know how the whole thing works, but the director and his crew are very committed to this project and I'm sure one day his stalker will leave him alone and he can put his name to this film.

What equipment to use....? Perhaps the tripod.

Perhaps the Fig Gear.

They shall remain nameless so they can't be googled.
Do you recognize these men?
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