A short written / directed by Ken Martini
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Downsizing is a comedy skit about the growing population of homeless and a marketing solution: sell the homeless well constructed, reinforced, attractive card board boxes with all the amenities of home.

The skit in its entirety was longer, encompassing the suburbs as well as the urban scene I was in.

Oliver Azcarate is the announcer espousing the benefits of the affordable cardboard house. Mike Reed as the homeless man gives a testimonial to the positive changes in his life due to the cardboard house. And I am the skanky, yes skanky, homeless whore who benefits from the cardboard house even though I didn't buy it.

Here, director/writer Ken Martini, of Ecstatic Films,
in blue jeans, sets up a shot.

Ken exiting his fully equipped lighting truck.
Oh, how a big truck on a set makes me feel validated!

And the wondrous location: 23rd Street off 3rd Street.
That stack was more than impressiv

As Ken prepares Mike for his shot....
Notice the very comfortable "star" chairs.

And as Oliver takes a moment
to smile for the camera...

And as cameraman Dan Shimer
sets up the HD camera,

I desperately try to find my motivation for skanky.

Finally, here we all are, ready for the shot.
I am silent throughout, drifting into the scene as
the homeless guy talks about how his love life
has improved since he has a place to bring girls.
I stare at him, quizzically stare at where he's looking,
then he ushers me into the house for some
cheap wine and sex. Still, it was romantic.

And here is what we see when we look at
the great out there.

Mike enjoys his veranda between takes.

We all take a moment to discuss the socio-economic
ramifications of the skit.

I look to the horizon contemplating my next role.
Notice all the smudge and grit on me? It's all part of the job.

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Still, a good time was had by all and I'd do it again.... really!