* Naked Beneath the Water
Naked Beneath the Water
a feature by Sean Cain
trailer on YouTube
This is a pretty brutal slasher-horror movie written and directed by Sean Cain. I play the host of a reality based show, "Public Enemy," much like Unsolved Mysteries, but with a twist -- serial killers from around the country submit videos of their murders and compete for ultimate murderer status - Public Enemy Number One. A young man (played by Sean, himself) watching the show one day, sees his missing brother being killed in one of the show's segments, and the hunt for the killers is on.

Call me egotistical, but, objectively, really, I found when watching the movie, that just the TV show part of the film could stand by itself and be pretty interesting and funny. My character gives the background information about contestant killers while their taped submissions of slaughter and mayhem are shown. And since I am the TV host of my own show, "Movie Close Up," I really had the part down. By the way, you can see my show the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 7:30 p.m. on both ComCast and RCN San Francisco Cable stations on Channel 29. I interview Bay Area filmmakers and show clips from their films as well as upcoming nationally released Hollywood fodder, film festival entries and international and U.S. independents.

But getting back to the film, Sean can give you much more information about the movie on his Naked Beneath the Water website. (See Sean, right.)

Click for a review by Film Threat. It doesn't mention me by name, but gives you an idea about the film.

But wait!! Since first making "Naked Beneath the Water," Sean has felt a sense of incompleteness. After hundreds of sleepless nights, he decided to write and shoot a few more scenes and change the ending. I couldn't be happier. I become a much more pivotal figure, more imposing, more powerful, and diabolical. Sean really wrote me a great scene. He even rose from the dead to make a comeback (recently added scenes below).

Sean in the power position

Jim Wright sets up shot, I am center, and
Ric Teran, my henchman, is right

I discuss my TV show with my captive,
bald guy in forefront, played by Sean

Retake -- is Sean bald enough?

A reflective moment between shots

We may look tired, but we're just intense.

These pick-up scenes were shot in my apartment. Sean had moved to L.A. several years ago, but came back for these shots and brought his crew with him. He was even able to find almost all the cast needed for the new interpretation of the film.

I am really looking forward to the new and improved version of "Naked Beneath the Water." Sean is already hitting the film markets and the fish are biting. Keep an eye on his site for news and other photos taken on this shoot that depict the unfortunate demise of one of the other characters. Whew, graphic!

Creative process or... what the hell is he doing?

Things don't look to good for our "hero"
but he has no one to blame but himself.

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