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You may be looking for a talented, experienced actress for your film, commercial, industrial, print or VO work. Have a look at my Acting Background. Click on underlined credits and get the back story and photos or audio.

Need a review on an upcoming movie?

At Movie Reviews on this site and, there'll be no thumbs, no hats, no stars, no gimmicks. I won't tell you to go or not go. I've seen dueling reviewers condemn and praise a movie for the same exact reasons. So, what's the point? Instead, I will give you some insight into a film, perhaps an unusual perspective. Sometimes, though, I won't be able to keep from saying I loved a film. But I know that doesn't mean you necessarily will as well.

I've also added a page of my past reviews on this site. Please check out the old movies and what I thought about them at Archives if you're thinking about buying, renting or downloading.

I don't take this task lightly, obviously.

I have written two children's books. They are "Walking in Parks with Livia" (about the power of imagination and the influence of our surroundings) and "Doves" (about a little girl who becomes a bit compulsive with her newfound interest in a dove that alights on her window box), both still unpublished. I am seeking representation / publisher. Click on the titles to read an illustrated sample chapter of each.

My window box Dove

Livia -- Illustration by Ty Meier

My guests and I are a little hemmed in by cameras,
but that's fine by me.

Behind the scenes, the mighty crew toils on.
Left to right: Michael Faklis, Cheryl Kunkel,
Eddie Fisher, Doug Robertson, and Jan Levine.

Talk show host/interviewer

You can find my recent celebrity interviews at , as well as my reviews. For a list of guests and our interview links, click my Interview page.

Also, for many years, I hosted my own San Francisco CableTelevision show, "Movie Close Up," For a description of the show and a list of guests with their links, click on "Movie Close Up." This show aired on Comcast and Astound Cable Networks, Channel 29, and AT&T Cable Channel 99, as well as video streamed. It was an intimate, intelligent and fast-paced interview show in which I talked with Bay Area filmmakers, showed movie clips of my guests' works and upcoming films, and reviewed the latest releases, all while responding to audience call-ins. Who knows, I may go back to San Francisco Public access some day.

Also, downstream celebrity interviews from my show, "Below San Francisco". Go to to check out some of my interviews with people like Jeff Bridges, Kim Bassinger, John Waters, Devine, Joan Chen, Marine World Africa Animals, Nick Cassavetes, Dick Shawn, Kitten Nativadad, John Phillip Law, Weird Al Yankovic, Simon Jones (original Hitchhiker), Tab Hunter, Paul Bartel, Judd Nelson, and more.... They're irreverent, funny, and historic, done on location in some of the hottest spots in San Francisco.

Are you looking for a DOG?

This is the most comprehensive list of
Dog Rescues in the Bay Area that I've seen anywhere.
From the opening page of shelters, you can proceed to
general and specific breeds.

No need to ever breed or buy from a breeder or pet store. Whatever kind of dog you're looking for is available already, and needs your love and protection now.
Until they all have homes, rescue.

A very early photo of me
and my first dog, Push Mush



I adopted Gigi from H.A.L.O in Antioch in April, 2009.
I thought she was a one-of-a-kind mix that could never be duplicated.
In October, I saw Milo at the Alameda Shelter.
I had to rescue and foster him till he found his perfect home.
Both were 3 1/2 years old at the time and are too identical
to be a coincidence. They have to be litter mates.
Imagine, reunited. Too bad I can't keep them both,
but he has been adopted by a great couple and their
Pomeranian in Oakland. Oh, the joy of fostering and adopting!

Milo & Gigi

Got a blank wall?

If you're looking for quality art for your home or office, please click on Sheryl Steiger Young's Etchings. My sister was born with a real talent, especially for printmaking. As you will see, her etchings reflect nature, animals, eroticism and fantasy with rare artistry and detail. Her work has shown in a plethora of galleries and shows.

Golden Eagle


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